Whole Genix (WG) is a company dedicated to the genetic analyses of diagnosis for hospitals and clinics which commit themselves to the improvement of people’s health and quality of life by means of the latest biomedical techniques.

We offer specialized counselling in clinical genetics to doctors and hospitals regarding new forms of prevention, early diagnosis and the effective treatment of diseases, especially in the field of neoplastic processes. We endeavor to facilitate the medical staff’s work, performing in a transversal manner and easily providing results for the clinical use.

Business concept

We use high-throughput next-generation sequencing methods, such as “Next Generation Sequencing” (NGS), on paraffin samples (FFPE) and fresh tissue or blood.

We perform monitoring and continuous updates of our database concerning the association of clinical markers with drugs and bio-computing models.

We have an established range of clinical molecular experts according to the type of cancer or disease in order to offer our clients a personalized service.

The Whole Genix team of experts filters and analyses the data obtained through NGS, by means of a processing methodology of the information validated by international experts with numerous scientifics publications, showing the genetic profile of the patient in the context of personalised therapies approved by the FDA and EMA and available in clinical trials, prioritizing and organizing them according to their therapeutic use, and ensuring the confidentiality with regard to the patient and the medical staff at all times.

Finally, experts in clinical genetics and oncology integrate the data and elaborate the reports which are then reviewed by an experienced oncologist (either an oncologist of a particular type of cancer or a medical specialist according to the disease the patient has), before being delivered to the doctor who requested them. This procedure ensures a personal service, as well as clear results.


The Pangaea Oncology S.L delivers care to patients and Molecular Diagnostic services in the field of personalized cancer treatment. This company also manages its own projects of R+D Discovery of Biomarkers, R+D Diagnostic and Development of drugs.

The Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC) work to improve the diagnostics, prognosis and treatment of leukaemia and other haematological diseases. IJC is the first European research centre exclusively focused in leukaemia and other haematological diseases, and one of the few existing in the world. The eventual goal is to make all leukaemias curable.

The Fundación Ritort is a non-profit entity which works for the promotion and development of science, amongst other purposes.

The Dr Rosell Oncology Institute offers an integral cancer treatment with an innovative strategy: the models of personalised therapy are based on the genetic diagnosis. Each tumor presents its own genetic print, and its determination enables the application of an individualised treatment for each patient.

The Barcelona Science Park is the structure of the innovation system created by the Universidad de Barcelona, supported by the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation and Caixa Catalunya.