Towards the clinical use of personalized medicine

By using next-generation sequencing platforms and applying advanced bio-computing techniques, we generate and analyse genetic data, providing the utmost commitment and confidentiality to our customers

Our company is a pioneer in translational medicine and is  in precision medicine on neoplastic diseases. We incorporate into our services in a revolutionary manner the analysis of genetic markers, resulting from the study of complete exomes (Whole Exome Sequencing, WES)  from clinic time paraffin samples, selecting those genetic targets that provide the oncologist with necessary information to apply the most effective personalised medicine to a given patient.

Whole Genix (WG) interprets genomic variations and produces a clinical report, providing the oncologist with relevant data for the application of personalised or precision medicine in patients with neoplastic diseases.

In WG, we perform regular updates of our database which includes genetic markers associated with drugs in order to provide a high quality service.

The massive treatment of genetic data has recently become mainstream in the prevention of diseases with inherited risk factors.

However, Whole Genix (WG) takes one step further, and performs genetic studies for its clinical application, directed at personalised diagnosis and treatment, with a clear vocation to the improvement of people’s health and quality of life, and even help achieve survival, as in the case of some patients with cancer.

Contract our services

  1. Confidentiality agreement

    Please contact us, indicating the service concerned, and we will send you the confidentiality agreement.

  2. Send samples to Whole Genix

    We will send you the sample collection kit.

  3. Quality control and payment

    We will send you in a week a report which indicates if the samples pass the quality control. At this point of time, the payment will be requested.

  4. Report shipping

    The report wil be sent together with the sequencing data within the established time according to the requested analysis.

Confidentiality agreement

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