Whole Genix (WG) is a company specialized in genetic analyses using new massive sequencing technologies (Next Generation Sequencing, NGS) and bioinformatics models.

Our company is a pioneer in clinical genetic counselling for doctors and hospitals on new forms of prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment of diseases, especially in neoplastic processes.


International recognized

Since its foundation, the Whole Genix team coordinated different international recognized research projects, such as the search for mutational patterns in cancer to guide a tumor classification, patient stratification and rational therapeutic intervention, and the development of computational tools (2015, awarded by CONICET together with the Fundación Instituto Leloir, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

WG also participated in several H2020 European research projects within the European Thoracic Oncology Platform (ETOP) consortium together with Hospital Quirón Dexeus for the development of a kit which stratifies patients with NSCLC (Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer), needed by adjuvant therapies.

Whole Genix was founded at the end of 2014 in Barcelona and London by Nabau, González and Tornador, who decided to go for new massive sequencing developments together with bioinformatics models to perform translational medicine.


certification from the EQA

In 2015, the company achieved a certification from the EQA (external validation) under the supervision of the Hospital Universitari Dexeus (Laboratorio Pangaea-Biotech) of the services of massive sequencing, genetic analysis and clinical reports of the whole genome (WGS), complete exomes (WES), whole trancriptome sequencing (WTS) from patients’ fresh cancer tissue samples.


Cooperation agreements

Whole Genix signs various cooperation agreements for the creation of new genetic panels, and for the analysis of genetic variants on heritable anemia in the childhood in a new research Project together with IJC. In addition, the company is currently in the process of obtaining an EQA certification for its WES services from paraffin samples (FFPE) for clinical use on patients located in different private and public hospitals.